Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A slight panic

Realising that interview day couldn't be too far away I became suddenly concerned that I hadn't received any information about it. I emailed the British Council to ask about it and was told I didn't need to attend when I had already been told I didn't need to be interviewed but that I should attend to hear all the information. She also went on to ask if I had sent in my updated references and application form. Application form? What application form? I haven't been told to send a new application form. I've been told to send new references, both of which went a couple of months ago. But an application form was never mentioned and it seemed clear from the email conversation I had about deferring that I was already accepted on for 2008/09 and didn't need to apply.

So a slight panic. I've sent an email saying as much, hopefully I'll get a reply tomorrow.

The interview day is 19 January. I'm looking forward to it, no nerves this time round.

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