Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Yet another form...

I got an email a yesterday asking that I fill out a form for the Fulbright Commission urgently and email it to someone at the Commission. The form is simple enough, although having problems thinking about what my "most significant publications/honors/awards/projects or other accomplishments" are. But it's in PDF format. It's been done in such a way that the form can be typed onto and printed out but it's not possible to save the typing. Therefore it's not possible to email to the person. I'm not able to edit PDFs, so not quite sure what to do about this urgent form. They did send instructions on how to make it save but it's not working.


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KateBez said...

I think that PDFs are designed so that you print them out, fill them in and send them off... AKA a pain in the arse.

This week I've had to send an application form in an email off for my dream job that I can't change the formatting in because they're thick. So it looks crap.

The moral is: employers are generally not IT literate and it's annoying.

Happy Valentines Day though!