Thursday, 1 February 2007

Forms to post

I finally got round to posting off the forms that were sent with the acceptance letter. Very bad of me I know but one of them was to say that yes I was definitely going to take part and I wanted to think about it.

But they've gone now. I've signed my life away. I've stated that:

  • I wish to proceed as a candidate in the exchange
  • I have sufficient funds available (at least £18,000!!!!!!). Well, I will have through the year with my salary, I hope it doesn't mean I should have it in one lump at the start
  • How I heard about them. It's so long ago that I actually can't remember. I made something up.
  • There are no reasons why I might have to withdraw my application
  • There are no medical problems which might stop me taking part
  • I've had no major illnesses over the last 5 years (except for a slipped disc in my neck which has resulted in exactly zero time off work)
  • I'm confident my salary and savings will be sufficient for the year
  • I know I have to return to my school on my return
  • I don't have a spouse to worry about whether they will find work or not
  • I understand that the accommodation arrangements are private between me and my partner
  • I'd rather go to San Francisco if I got the choice. Or New York
  • I have a valid driving licence
  • The religion and sex of the exchange teacher is irrelevant to my school
Matches are expected to be made in March. I can't wait.

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