Friday, 4 May 2007

Finally settled

I will not be going this year. They have not been able to find a new match for me so I shan't be going. It's a huge disappointment. I was so looking forward to it and making plans. If the person I was originally matched with hadn't taken so long to reject the match then I would likely still be going but she did it too late.

The British Council did their best to find me a new partner but it wasn't to be. The have told me I shall be top of the list next year and that I won't need to reapply just send in more recent references. That in itself is a bit of a pain, the reference from the LEA was wonderful last time, it was written by the science advisor who had observed my lessons and been thoroughly impressed. Sadly he's now gone so the new one will have to write the reference, I guess I'll just have to invite him to observe me and keep my fingers crossed that he's as impressed.

I suppose it does all give me more chance to sort my life out a little, such as clearing my debts completely, buying a house and I shall be further up the pay scale when I go so I'll be better off. These are all good things. It does also mean it's going to be a year longer before I can start looking for promotion, when really I'd have liked to be looking already but had already put it off to participate in the exchange.

What will be will be.

I will keep this updated as things happen, though I expect it'll be a while now.

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